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National Review contributor and fellow talk show host, Mark Levin on the ridiculous call for Dennis Hastert to step down.

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HH: Welcome to the program now Mark Levin, the Great One. Mark, your friends over at the seem ready to throw Denny Hastert under the bus.

ML: I’m not ready to throw him under the bus. I think this is really quite preposterous how so many conservatives, whether it is the Washington Times editorial page, or Richard Vigueri or others bite the liberal bait here. I mean, this is a guy who obviously was detestable, but Denny Hastert had limited information. You’re an attorney, I’m an attorney. He didn’t have these instant messages. He had no reason to suspect anything more than what he was told. He’s the Speaker of the House, for God’s sakes.

HH: Mark Levin, I think you’ve just hit on something. I’m an attorney, you’re an attorney, and we’ve both been around investigations. And we both know there’s no investigative predicate here for the Speaker to have gone after Mark Foley. Now we know he should have, but in fact, there is no predicate. Can you imagine in a corporate situation a similar investigation being launched after a similar e-mail being sent?

ML: No. As a matter of fact, if I understand the news stories correctly, there was an FBI preliminary probe in July, and they dropped the matter. They didn’t go after instant messages. They didn’t start interviewing a slough of pages. And if Foley was as bad as they say, and apparently he was, well then, where the heck were all the alarm bells? I mean, people below Hastert didn’t tell him. Other pages didn’t tell Hastert. This is idiocy.

HH: Have you seen any evidence for the proposition put forward on my blog by my colleage there, Dean Barnett, that they, the House leadership, got word that a gay member who had a reputation for lusting after young men, and being overly chummy with the page program, had sent inappropriate e-mails? I have not seen that anywhere in evidence.

ML: No, no. I haven’t, either, and this is why what the Washington Times, a paper that I enjoy and respect, was utterly irresponsible. They don’t have enough information. If you go to Hot Line, linked on the Drudge Report, you’ll see the Democrats are exploiting this page, and every other page, and every other issue they can. And I just refuse to roll over for this. I refuse to be part of this.

HH: I agree, because what it is, it’s obviously…someone has been sitting on these e-mails for three years, whether it was just the page who just released them. But somebody did, and they endangered other people by their malfeasance here. That’s the focus of this, and the fact that ABC’s Brian Ross is playing this story…he sat on these e-mails, Mark Levin.

ML: Yeah. A lot of people sat on these instant messages, and what we know is Denny Hastert wasn’t one of them. So if anything, I’d like to know what Nancy Pelosi knew. I’d like to know what Steny Hoyer knew, what Harry Reid knew, because it seems to me that the left in this country is very well organized for this particular scandal, doesn’t it?

HH: It does. Now why the Washington Times? What…are they…is this just a false flag to pursue an agenda of a different sort?

ML: I have no idea. You know, there’s a little problem in Washington, D.C., and that is that every now and then, certain conservatives or conservative outlets want to appear to be acceptable to the big media, and so they go out front and they dump on their friends. The fact of the matter is, yes, conservatives do hold a higher moral ground. But it is not holding the high moral ground to throw people overboard who don’t deserve to be thrown overboard.

HH: That’s exactly right. Now does this turn around, Mark Levin, if enough people just stand in the gap and say no, wait a minute, Richard Viguerie, stop, Tony. You do not have an evidence for this stuff here. And you’re killing us. I mean, they’re killing us, Mark Levin.

ML: Well, I think it will stop eventually, if, in fact, some of these pundits stop shooting us in the foot. And I really do, because you can see where Brian Ross is coming from. He’s just trying to get his hands on every instant message he can, one more salacious than the next, to keep putting them out, putting them out, and I’m thinking to myself, well, what the hell does this have to do with Dennis Hastert?

HH: Right.

ML: This is Mark Foley. We know Foley has a problem. He’s gone.

HH: Yeah. Oh, and that’s it. I guess we have to intone at every time, the sincere belief that he’s a creep, and probably a criminal, and I hope all of justice falls on his head.

ML: Yeah (laughing)

HH: But that does not…I mean, William Jefferson is still on the Ways and Means Committee, Mark Levin.

ML: William Jefferson will continue on the Ways and Means Committee, he’ll continue to be a member of the House until his vote is needed, because they feel it’s going to be that close, and they want to make sure that she’s Speaker. And then when they’ve used him up, they’ll kick him out. That’s how they operate. But look, Bob Ney had to resign, out he goes. Cunningham had to resign, out he goes. Foley had to resign, out he goes. Meanwhile, McKinney slugs a police officer, it’s the voters who have to kick her out. William Jefferson is stuffing cash in his freezer, he’s caught on tape, he’s a class A crook, he’s still there. Barney Frank is a great hero of theirs. He’s on TV arrogantly lecturing Republicans all the time.

HH: And Mark Levin, let’s remind people of Bob Menendez, who when he was taking the dirty money from New Jersey, was a member of the House, not the Senate.

ML: Yeah. He’s still there. And what about Allan Mollohan from West Virginia, who got very wealthy as a member of Congress. Yeah, we can play this game. The problem is that the Republicans are too busy pretending that they’re morally superior. Why not just be morally superior, and stand for what’s right? And what’s right here is not to keep taking out Republican leadership, whether it’s Tom Delay or Roy Blunt, or Trent Lott, and now Denny Hastert. How is it that all the Republican leaders are so awful, and they need to be taken out, but none of the Democrat leaders are ever removed?

HH: Well, Mark Levin, we’re on the same page. We’re both going to go off and do radio shows now, and defend the good, and Hastert. And I hope you’ll corral those people at The Corner who will, by the way, not come on the radio today for some reason.

ML: Well, I just did.

HH: Oh, I know, I know. You’re the one who’s on the right side of this one, but they need bucking up, Mark Levin.

ML: Well, they’re good men and women over there, and you know, we have open debate, unlike the left wing blogs.

HH: True, but go back and openly debate them some more. Mark Levin, always a pleasure. Thank you, sir.

ML: God bless, brother.

End of interview.


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