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“Narrow Networks”

Tuesday, May 13, 2014  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

As the president and his team continue to try to spin the unspinnable,  new terms are arising to describe what we used to call “crummy healthcare.”  Today’s New York Times has a wonderful new entry in the category of Obamacare-derived terminolgy: “narrow networks.”

The description:

These so-called narrow networks, featuring limited groups of providers, have made a big entrance on the newly created state insurance exchanges, where they are a common feature in many of the plans. While the sizes of the networks vary considerably, many plans now exclude at least some large hospitals or doctors’ groups. Smaller networks are also becoming more common in health care coverage offered by employers and in private Medicare Advantage plans.

In other words…not the doctor you liked that you wanted to keep; not the plan you liked that you wanted to save.

Also noted in the article, GOP Senate candidate Dr. Monica Wehby, running in Oregon on a slogan sure to spread: “Keep your doctor. Change your senator.”

Don’t blame your old doctor for not seeing you, or your old hospital for not admitting you, or your old insurer for refusing to offer you a policy.  Blame the president and his colleagues in Congress.  The bell is tolling…


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