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Nancy Pelosi: Kathleen Blanco without the Eloquence or Leadership Skills

Wednesday, September 7, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Key quote from San Francisco’s Nancy Pelosi today, in a presser on the aftermath of Katrina: “President Bush is ‘oblivious, in denial, dangerous,’ when it comes to the plight of the storm’s victims, charged House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi.”

Pelosi’s counterpart in the Senate, Harry Reid, is upset with the plan to have one committee investigate the disaster’s aftermath, comprised of members of Congress from both houses, and reflecting the GOP’s majority in both the House of Representatives and the senate:

“An investigation of the Republican administration by a Republican-controlled Congress is like having a pitcher call his own balls and strikes,” said Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the Democratic leader.

Not only have Senator Reid and Congresswoman Pelosi apparently not caught up with the growing recognition that Governor Blanco’s ineptitude is the ground zero for the chaos in New Orleans, they haven’t even figured out that if you want to control committees, you have to win elections.

Once again, as with the “Bush Knew” campaign, the fall of 2002’s obstruction on the establishment of the Homeland Security Department over union feather-bedding, the filibustering of well qualified judicial nominees, the “global test,” and a dozen other issues, Democrats have proven themselves completely tone deaf when it comes to hearing the American majority.

They must stay up late at night reading the always ever-so-certain Kos and the ever-so-confident Sullivan. Too bad neither of these observors, or E.J., or Kinsley, or Maureen or you name it have been close to being right about anything the American people have “felt” for the past five plus years.

Now they want to blame Bush for Blanco, fire Brown instead of demanding answers from Nagin, and generally want to try and politicize a disaster that most Americans just want addressed as speedily and humanely as possible.

You have to hand it to the Dems, they are nothing if not conbsistent –consistently hysterical, and consistently wrong.

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