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My Pals Dennis Prager, Larry Arnn and Kåre, Alexis and Elias….

Friday, June 28, 2013  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Here’s what greeted me as I came off the ship in Ålesund, Norway last week:

Kåre, Alexis and Elias had driven three hours over and around Norway’s many fjords to say a surprise hello, and to do so with a great burst of good humor.  As I tweeted…the long arm of Dennis Prager!

I am co-hosting “Ask a Jew 3.0” with Dennis on Sunday afternoon in Pasadena, California. Tickets and info here.

I have to note that Kåre thanked me especially for the hours each Friday with Hillsdale College president, Dr. Larry Arnn.  Dr. Arnn and I finish our weeks in Aristotle this week ith a discussion of The Politics before spending an hour next week during the sesquicentennial commemoration of Gettysburg and Vicksburg by discussing the political theory of Lincoln, and then on to Plutarch for those who like to read ahead.  All of the Hillsdale Dialogues are available here.

Speaking of Lincoln, here is what I found in Oslo’s Vigeland Park, sent in 1914 by the people of the state of North Dakota:

Don’t ask me why or how this got there, but the Great Emancipator is keeping watch on the Norwegians, and one wonders how it survived the Nazi occupation.

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