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My New Favorite Business

Tuesday, September 23, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

One of the reasons I am a confirmed optimist about the American economy even in the midst of the financial panics of the past two weeks is that I come across extraordinary young entrepreneurs almost every week. This past Saturday as I wandered around the campus of my wife’s alma mater, UC Davis, I met the founders of The Collegiate Bicycle Company (, and they gladly told me their story.

They married their experience in bike shops to the obvious love of alma mater around the country and have arranged for the licensing and production of bikes that reflect the old school ties. They were hawking Cal Aggie bikes at Davis on Saturday and by early afternoon they were down to two remaining models. Most often they sell through bike stores, but the advantage they gain from meeting and greeting customers is of course crucial to tweaking their business.

Visit their site at Warning: There is no USC bike in stock in recognition no doubt that if the band can’t march and play at the same time the alums can hardly be expected to stay up[right on a bike.

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