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MSM-Blogger Draft: Round 4

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Rounds One and Two, the Supplemental Picks and Round Three are in the books. Pre-Round 4 speculation focused on the decision of Instapunk to do car blogging in the middle of the draft (“Its an, er, erratic group,” one broadcast insider said. “Don’t be surprised if they show up before some Congressional committee sometime.”) and on Pejman’s ability to go to his left.

Round Four (in reverse order of Round Three):

Wall Street Journal: Mrs. Greyhawk of Mudville Gazette

“We hate to break up a great team,” said Peter Kann, Chairman and CEO of Dow Jones, “but her husband isn’t eligible until he retires from active duty, and we think the families and friends of active duty military desreve a blog home on a big platform. Anyone who has read her “dawn patrols” knows what we are getting here.”

The Washington Post: Wizbang

“Politics and traffic. Traffic and politics,” commented editor Len Downie. “This isn’t complicated. That’s what we do. That’s what Wizbang does.”

NBC: Protein Wisdom

“It’s remarkable Jeff fell this far,” commented Charles Johnson from the Pajamas booth. “Sure he’s, well, ‘odd’ isn’t the right word. But there’s no denying he brings a completely different perspective to the world of blogging.”

ABC: The Jawa Report

“Edgy, very edgy,” was one reaction from a competitor. “Combined with Blackfive, Soxblog, and Captain’s Quarters, in the first three rounds, it appears as though ABC has a stratgey and they are sticking to it. Getting serious, and getting serious on the center-right.”

The Boston Globe: Ann Althouse

“Baron just keeps stockpiling talent,” an impressed Wall Street Journal source quietly observed. He’ll worry about design later. This pick will be big among the city’s elites, and don’t be surprised if Summers dangles a Chair in front of Boston’s newest superstar.”

The New York Times: The Belgravia Dispatch

“Djerejian is everything the Times used to be and wants to be again: Smart, serious-minded, respected,” Howard Kurtz noted approvingly from outsaide the Post’s headquarters.

PBS: Crooks and Liars.

“We are publicly funded, and we intend to represent all the public,” PBS prez Pat Mitchell proclaimed.

CNN: Mets Geek

“I like the Mets,” CNN big boss Jonathan Klein said in a prepared statement. “A lot of people like the Mets. Since the news won’t be here in five years, we are moving heavily into sports.”

CBS: RomanCatholicBlog

“We think there are a lot of Catholics out there, and they believe in miracles, right?” asked Les Moonves. “And a lot of folks seemed to like the last Pope quite a bit. We think this is a growth demographic for CBS.”

The Los Angeles Times: Patterico

“We are going to outright Patterico to our community newspaper, The Daily Pilot, in Newport Beach to get him some practical experience in the business, and bring him up to the show when he gets the technique down,” said editor Dean Baquet. Insiders suspect that Patterico will never be seen or heard from again, as the Times uses the draft to take a thorn out of their paw. A troubled-looking Matt Welch was seen huddled with Roger Simon immediately after the pick as the Times drafts first and third in next weekend’s Rounds Five through Seven.


“On the bubble.”


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