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MSM-Blogger Draft, Cont.

Friday, December 2, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Rounds three and four of the MSM-Blogger Fanatsy Draft will be conducted tomorrow. Overnight speculation focused on the plummeting stock of Instapunk, Protein Wisdom’s 1:40 time in the 40 yard dash, John Cole’s alleged “clubhouse lawyer” temperment, and rumored deals between CNN and everyone as Klein attempts to trade up to recover from yesterday’s disastrous supplemetal picks.

Day one positive buzz is centered on NBC’s second round pick of Joe Carter, who somehow managed to turn in a top 25 list of short stories on the day after he was drafted, instantly telegraphing to the publishers of the world a book for which there would be serious pre-pub demand, and raising the asking price for all second rounders in Joe’s neighborhood. “A guy thinks like that, puts the hours in, has a work ethic that doesn’t stop and surprises you, well, you can’t put a price on that,” said one CBS insider, still smarting over The Eye’s missing the clock and forfeiting a Round Two selection. “Rather and Wallace were in a tangle on the floor in the war room,” he added as an explanation for the no-longer-close-to-Tiffany earnings network’s shocking ineptitude. “Sure, it looked like a remake of Cocoon, but we thought we’d havve a couple of broken hips for sure and the time on the clock slipped away.” (For results of a Rather-Wallace knock-down, go here.)


Peeps, aka “Chad the Elder” of FratersLibertas, celebrated way too hard after he and his pals were selected in the first round by the New York Times, and got into it with another Cabbage Patch collecter at a CPD fair on Friday night in the Twin Cities. It did not go well for Peeps. (That’s a real picture, btw.) Cabbage Patch Dolls collectors are not a particularly fiercesome bunch, but Preemie Boy brings out the worst in the mob.

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