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“Mr. Obama may be able to offer voters all the attractions of high rhetoric, but Mr. McCain can offer something else: an uncomplicated love of country.”

Tuesday, September 2, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Former Reagan wordsmith Peter Robinson assesses the race in the Wall Street Journal.

The outrage about the attacks on Palin is the story the MSM has completely missed, not surprisingly so as the Beltway-Manhattan bigs were so much a willing conveyor belt of the assault. The audience for the governor will be quite large on Wednesday night, and for McCain’s acceptance speech on Thursday as well. Each audience will be looking for the authenticity and anti-politics the majority of the country is looking for and which in the first quarter of ’08 many mistakenly believed Obama embodied. If the desire for major change to Washington is deep, the real choice will be McCain-Palin. Obama-Biden isn’t change at all, just a change of address for the Cook County/Daley machine with a Weatherunderground fringe to the Beltway.

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