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Mr. Hiltzik, Unplugged

Friday, December 16, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

I interviewed the Los Angeles Times columnist, blogger and reporter Michael Hiltzik on Tuesday, and had fun doing so. The transcript and audio are here. On Wednesday and Thursday, though, I moved on. Mr. Hiltzik has not. Yesterday he posted this message on Patterico’s site:

Dear Pat:
What I don’t get is this fetish Hugh has (and you too) with having reporters reveal their Presidential votes. As I said on his show, I don’t believe it necessarily tells you anything you’d find useful. It feels to me like an exercise in public confessional, like the naming-names fetish of the 50s red-baiters. Hugh asked me my position on a handful of specific issues; I told him. (Though his interrogation was only semi-competent'”he asked my position on embryonic stem cell research, but not Proposition 71, and they’re opposite). But people vote for president for a complex of reasons'”his positions, ‘warmth,’

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