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MovingOn (From Clinton)

Monday, December 17, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The New York Times profiles Bill Clinton’s role in Senator Clinton’s presidential bid, and his anger at the refusal of the Democrats to swoon and serve is palpable:

More than anything, Mr. Clinton is increasingly angry with the news media over what he sees as overly critical coverage of Mrs. Clinton and kinder treatment of Mr. Obama, advisers said.

They say he allowed that frustration to spill over on “The Charlie Rose Show” on Friday night, when he criticized the news media as forgoing tough scrutiny of Mr. Obama. The advisers said he also believed that the Obama camp was persuading the reporters to focus on gaffes by his wife and her campaign, like the recent Clinton campaign statement that Mr. Obama harbored presidential ambitions even in kindergarten, and a campaign official’s remark last week about Mr. Obama’s past drug use.

The claim of inevitability has clearly rubbed many Democrats the wrong way, and Bill’s “anger” at the media is thinly disguised disgust with Democratic primary voters, a disgust that isn’t going to charm them back to Hillary’s camp.Democrats may be embracing a party-wide decision to dump the baggage and the Boomers and, as the group says, move on.

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