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Moving From Group 1 to Group 2 on the Port, and WWWD

Thursday, February 23, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Great summary post here by Polipundit’s D.J. Drummond. I have been solidly in Group 1, but today’s interviews with Steyn, Ferrigno, Bay and especially Kaplan –all of them at now or soon– has me straddling the groups. The Adminsitration was wise to call for a pause for persuasion. Good arguments win debates, and leave everyone better off, and there is zero downside to being persuaded when it is a national security issue.

Interesting test case: Someone ask Virginia Democratic U.S. Senate candidate James Webb what he thinks. If the former Reaqgan-era Secretary of the Navy gives a green light, the deal will be a go, and the Dems will know the spirit of Scoop Jackson lives.

WWWD: What would Webb do? A good question for Dems to ask themselves if they want to retool on national security. Hillary and Chuck Schumer are never going to close the deal with the majority of Americans.

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