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More Rezkorama!

Friday, March 7, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Rezkorama controversy!

I suggest to on Wednesday that a news aggregator on the trial of Tony Rezko would be useful given that Tony Rezko is Senator Obama’s friend, neighbor and financier and Rezko is on trial for fraud. Kithbridge gets it up and running on Thursday. On Friday, MSMers are calling to inquire the real story behind the site.

The “real story” behind all such sites is the desire for all information on a hot story. The visitor counter at Rezkorama is spinning around because the site automatically provides the interested with everything written about Tony and Barack, with the most recent stories from blogs or MSM at the top of the two lists.

Let me repeat: Team Clinton has nothing to do with Rezkorama. As far as I know.

UPDATE: Thrust and Parry has some key links and tough questions.

I’ll ask Karl Rove about the Obama-Rezko ties on today’s show.

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