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More Religious Bigotry In The Old Media

Tuesday, November 27, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Justin Taylor summarizes the latest round on anti-faith invective, most of it from the left.

What had become as rare as racial bigotry has flourished in recent years as the left’s cultural domination has freed its hatred of moral absolutes and those who believe in them to reveal itself in the denunication of any and all who believe in a God who is not indifferent to the conduct of men and women.  The Rolling Stone’s description of Mike Huckabee as “full-blown nuts, a Christian goofball of the highest order” is just a blunt version of what some MSMers routinely asssert and many quietly believe.

UPDATE:  For whatever reason, the link won’t work.  Go to and scroll down for the post, headlined “Anti-Religious Bigotry on Display in the Mainstream Media.”

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