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More on the Roggio Reputation Drive-by

Tuesday, December 27, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The Belmont Club has more, and a great set of links.

The Washington Post is getting hammered in scores of posts by respected professionals, scholars and journalists, and it is saying nothing at its web-site, not even a “we’ll get back to you.” Very old media. Very, very old media, when the brand could not be damaged by the consumer. Very, well, CBS in fact.

You can, however, read Eugene Robinson’s attack on the NSA’s surveillance of al Qaeda operatives abroad communicating with their American agents. It –as is typical in the hard left MSM– ignores all the contrary law and analysis now widely available.

The Post’s indifference to deep and serious criticism of its Roggio story and its promotion of Robinson et al’s fevers on the NSA program together provide the perfect MSM bookend to a media year that began with Eason Jordan’s slander on the American military. A year has passed, the circulation continues to decline and the credibility to crater, and MSM still doesn’t get it.

Earlier posts here and here.

UPDATE: The Post provides another ill-informed column on the NSA program, this by David Ignatius, which brands the program –twice– as lawless.

Ignatius is entitled to his opinion, though the weight of serious legal scholarship at worst calls the issue of the president’s authority debatable, and Ignatius does not bother to call his audience’s attention to this undeniable fact. I think the far better argument is that quite obviously the president has the authority to conduct warrantless surveillance of al Qaeda terrorists living outside the United States but communicating with their agents within the U.S. The Post’s resolute attempt to publish one side of this debate, over and over again, is the sort of propaganda they wrongfully slammed Bill Roggio as producing in Monday’s paper.

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