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More on the “Mormon Question”

Monday, September 18, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Article 6 Blog’s John and Lowell conduct a fascinating interview with David Barton of Wallbuilders.  One excerpt among many excellent ones:

Lowell: My question had to do with what I think might be a bit of a focus on something of a sideshow right now, which is denominational issues. Beliefs between different religions. The differences between different religious about doctrinal matters, when, in fact, if you look down the road, if the nominee of the Republican party is someone like Sam Brownback or George Allen or Romney, all of whom have strong views on fundamental values issues, such as abortion, same sex marriage, judicial legislation, and so forth, I wonder if the opposition from the left, the institutional left, the ACLU, most of the main stream news media, won’t be quite furious against that person and won’t there be an effort to marginalize that nominee? In other words, don’t Republican’s have a lot more to fear from people outside their own tent, the left,, than they do from internal squabbles over, perhaps, religious doctrine?

David Barton: Well, yes and no. That is, there is a theoretical answer and there is a practical answer. On the theoretical side, it’s friendly fire that you worry about more than anything else. Remember, Moses only had to fight the Egyptians once, but he fought his own people for 40 years; Republicans can too often be that way. However, on the issue of religion, if the Democrats or the left choose to go after any candidate because of religious beliefs, they have just shot themselves in the foot (again) – they have just validated Ann Coulter’s assertion they are Godless

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