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More on Michael Yon’s “Gates of Fire”

Friday, August 26, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Jeff Kouba provides some liner notes on Yon’s “Gates of Fire.”

And this e-mail from a Navy special operator:


Another element that shines through with Mr. Yon’s reporting;

A Glimpse of one of the most powerful Narcotics in existence; THE ADMIRATION OF THOSE YOU ADMIRE.

When you are a leader of men, and it is evident to those men that you admire them, the reflected admiration is enormously powerful. Both up and down the Chain of Command.

To acquire the admiration of men you respect is the Narcotic drug that keeps men at this type of work, and may explain the high level of re-enlistment of units engaged in combat. You are willing to endure tremendous hardship/strife/separation and misery, just for that flash admiration.

Evidence; SGT Lama’s response to the Col, when the Col assigned Lama to his PSD. He got out of bed to assume his position. That simple gesture demonstrates what Pressfield eloquently described in Gates of Fire.

And a youth pastor finds much to mine in “Gates of Fire.”

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