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More on Iran

Friday, April 14, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

From Reuehl Marc Gerecht’s “To Bomb, Or Not To Bomb” in the new issue of The Weekly Standard:

If either Rafsanjani or Ahmadinejad were ever to follow through on their wild rhetoric against Israel with a nuclear strike–and this is certainly a possibility unprevented by either man’s ethics–then the path now deemed reckless might seem, even to the dovish Europeans, in retrospect like a morally compelling course.

Deterrence theory may well work against the clerical regime, but it ought to be admitted that we have never before confronted a regime where anti-Americanism, violence, terrorism, and God’s writ have been so intermarried. The Soviets in their hatreds were positively ecumenical. What we are dealing with in the Islamic Republic’s ruling revolutionary elite is a politer, more refined, more cautious, vastly more mendacious version of bin Ladenism. It is best that such men not have nukes, and that we do everything in our power, including preventive military strikes, to stop this from happening.

See also RogerLSimon and Vodkapundit.

When the anti-Rumsfeld generals step out onto the Sunday shows, as I hope they do this weekend, I expect Tim Russert et al will ask them about Iran and whether there is a military option.

General McInerney discussed it with me on Wednesday. I’d like to see the subject widely debated.

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