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Wednesday, January 18, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Melinda Penner helps write the superb Stand to Reason blog, and this morning sent me this e-mail re: “24”:


You just experienced what I did last year. I decided to tune in to
the “Day 4” premiere to see what all the talk was about and was an
addict in 15 minutes. I borrowed the DVDs of the first three “days”
and completely wasted three weekends watching those. I couldn’t
stop! I’d decide to go to bed after this episode but then had to
keep going to see what happened. I finally learned to turn it off in
the middle of an episode because it usually has a lull somewhere
during the hour.

After seeing the first three seasons almost continuously and getting
four hours in two nights of the premiere, it was very hard to only
get an hour at a time the rest of the season on TV.

I love the show because it’s morally smart. Jack almost unfailingly
makes the correct and necessary decision given the moral dilemmas
he’s faced with. But it also shows the cost of having to engage evil
and the horrible choices it presents.

Glad you’re one of us now.


Melinda’s short, closing paragraph has a great deal in it that explains the success of the program.

UPDATE: Melinda has written about “24” at length in an aearlier post.

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