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More Gimmicks, But No Collapse–Yet

Tuesday, April 5, 2011  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The too-clever-by-half House appropriators want to sell another short-term CR, and think the knuckle-heads beyond the Beltway will be impressed with a ban on subsidized abortions inside the Beltway.

Really? Who actually came up this John Lovitz-style “That’s the ticket!” gimmick. Again and again the senior GOP spenders seem to think that they can trick the conservative grassroots and the Tea Party activists into believing that paper mache is granite. Each time they float a new gimmick they drain their almost exhausted reservoir of credibility a little lower.

Here is the rule for the new media age: Tell people exactly what is going on, at length, and why the impasse exists and what has and hasn’t been agreed to. Then listen to their response. Then decide what to do next. There will be no dressing up defeat and retreat as anything other than that, and the attempt to do so will make the situation worse.

The Speaker hasn’t thrown in his cards yet, so there is still hope that he will side with the freshmen and the deficit hawks, and a report out of the caucus meeting last night seem to indicate he will not back down on the key riders defunding Planned Parenthood (across the U.S. and not just in D.C.) and CPB, and blocking new Obamacare regs and EPA’s carbon rules.

I will get updates today from Senators Thune and Johanns, and House Rules Chair Congressman David Dreier.

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