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From a Dallas mom:

I would call your show but since your show airs at 5pm here in Dallas,TX I am unable to do that. In our house with eight children, we call that hour the “witching hour”!! My two special needs sons are screeching about something. My other child with special needs is getting medicine, my three little girls are runnning in & out of the house for food or needing a referee and my two teenagers are going to work, doing homework or loudly forging through the kitchen for food.
My vote is for Trigg Palin. He would teach this nation the most about unconditional love, contentment, pride for our country and respect for one another. Too emotional? Okay my specific reasons to gladly give McCain/Pallin my vote. McCain & Pallin are the only two candidates that know what true courage is. McCain is the one that knows out what is needed in the Healthcare system, how to actually say NO to special interests and and how to allign himself with a true reformer. Governor Pallin is NOT afraid to stand up for what she believes, take on big corruption and bring a child into the world that will be taught, but more than likely , teach us about true courage.
From a dad in Colorado:

A Reserve of Todds – standing by the man – standing by the woman

Dear Hugh,

Since (as a man) I won’t be able to call in for a while here are some thoughts about the other half of the other half of the ticket-Todd Palin.

Like many other men across America, I share a kinship with the “First Dude”

We love and believe in providential God.

We love our talented, successful , and feminine wives. (Proverbs 31). We encourage them, support them and sometimes make sacrifices in our careers for the sake of theirs. We still “wear the pants” as head of our families.

We love our children-delighting in them and in our role as their “Dad”.

We hunt, fish and enjoy the outdoors. Some of us can even drive a snow machine without hitting anything! (Although I heard Todd has crashed too-so you are in good company.)

We love our country. I was privileged to serve in the US Naval Reserve for 8 years-hence the title of this email. The Reserves and National Guard fill a vital backup and support role for our primary military. Likewise Todd serves as a “Reserve force” for his wife’s service to this nation. I pray that God will guide and protect Todd in his role as husband and father to his family.

The effect that Sarah has had on the women of America will be strongly echoed among their boyfriends & husbands who respect not only Gov. Palin on her own merits but just plain like the man who is “her guy” and will empathize greatly with him for what the liberal elite MSM (et al) are doing to his bride of 20 years.


J_____ – fellow dude, father of three, husband of 9 years

PS: It struck me when my wife and I watched Sarah’s speech at the convension that Todd is the anti-Bill Clinton (how utterly refreshing)-came to mind again in light of the Hillary/UN/SNL news of late.


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