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Morality, Religion and Worldview

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Well, the Stormy Daniels interview gave “60 Minutes” the highest ratings it has seen in a decade, but I sure wish I could find some demographics on just who the 22 million viewers were.  I have to think they were people already inclined to dislike the president looking for more fuel for their fire.  I did not watch – had no interest.  Why should I?  Whatever else you may say about Donald Trump his marital and sexual proclivities have been well known publicly for a very long time now.  Whether you like President Trump or not, he was duly and legally elected POTUS and the voting public knew full and well that he had had multiple marriages and by his own account had engaged in marital infidelity.  If Stormy Daniels’ contentions are true they still are not news, and Donald Trump is still president.

The question that seems to baffle the press and the Left (pardon my redundancy) endlessly is how Trump continues to enjoy the support of Christian conservatives given what is known about his behavior in this department.  The fact that they are so baffled indicates that they 1) have a very unrefined definition of “support,” and 2) they do not think much of Christian conservatives.  Clearly they think us incapable of, as Hillary Clinton suggested to the host last November, keeping “two thoughts in your mind at the same time.”  They keep searching for explanations and never quite hitting the mark.  But then I do not think their goal is actually to explain Christian conservative support for Trump, I think it is to find a way to bash Christian conservatives.

But they will never be effective in this approach to making us look bad because all they really do is demonstrate how much more sophisticated our thought processes are than theirs.  They are the ones that take an all or nothing approach to support and that view everything on a personal level.  When they try to make it look like we approach everything in the same way, all it really does is illustrate how simplistic such an approach is.

The fact of the matter is we have a worldview, a moral code and a religion – and while those three things influence and compliment each other they are distinct.

Morality is defined as:

a doctrine or system of moral conduct

Religion is defined as:

a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith

Worldview is defined as:

a comprehensive conception or apprehension of the world especially from a specific standpoint

It seems clear that Donald Trump has not, at least until very recently, followed anything like the common Christian conservative moral code when it comes to his marriages.  As I have said – not surprising or shocking and certainly not news. It is, of course very salacious, and that more than anything else probably accounts for the ratings, but telling someone something they already knew when they voted – or did not vote – for him is not going to move the needle one way or the other.

Donald Trump claims the same religion as Christian conservatives.  Given the aforementioned moral issues and his attitude towards them, it is reasonable to doubt the sincerity of that claim, but not conclusive.  What pretty much every Christian knows is that when they are in church on Sunday, there is at least one person in the sanctuary who has failed their spouse in the same way as the president.  And what every Christian knows and believes is that even if we have not committed that particular moral transgression, we have all committed numerous moral transgressions of one sort or the other.  In fact, that each of us has committed such transgressions is fundamental to our religion.  When it comes to moral transgression, Trump is just one of the crowd; it certainly does not disqualify him from the faith.

But in worldview there is little space between Donald Trump and Christian conservatives.  The president and Christian conservatives think the world works in pretty much the same way.  We know that money does not grow on trees.  We know that happiness has to be worked towards, it is not granted as birthright.  We know that there are good guys and bad guys in the world.  We know that real evil has to be controlled, punished and even sometimes destroyed.  The list goes on.

It is this shared worldview that accounts for the Christian conservative support of the president.  It is our religion that allows us to be gracious towards the president’s moral failings.  It is not that hard to understand really.  That is unless you don’t really want to understand and are just looking for reason to hate us and him – or you actually are the simpleton that you accuse us of being.


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