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Moral Expediency

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Are you as tired as I am of the Democrat/media attempts to harm the Trump administration?  This business with Jeff Sessions is, at least based on information currently available, just out-of-hand.  Insert your cliché – “much ado about nothing” – mountain out of a molehill” – “nothing burger”….  Sessions was contextual and imprecise in his confirmation testimony, but that is a far cry from anything nefarious, disqualifying, or otherwise scandalous.  It is; however, a problem – obviously.

Who knows where the politics of all this are going to end up; it is way to early to tell.  But there are a couple of things I think we need to be very clear-eyed about.  For one, some of this nonsense is earned on our part.  During the Obama administration, the internet was full to the brim with  “scandals” ginned up from the thinnest of evidence – something that was a crying shame given that there was more than enough red meat to argue about.  If there is anything the Dems are extraordinary at it is tit-for-tat.  Hewitt was caught in a similar semantical whirlwind Tuesday night.  You can dismiss this comparison because the Obama garbage was web sites of questionable veracity while the MSM is running with this Sessions business like it was the Second Coming if you like, but pettiness does not pay much attention to such boundaries.

But the second thing we need to note is far more consequential.  Morality now seems to be dictated by that which is politically expedient.

Never forget, President Bill Clinton was exonerated by a Democratic controlled Senate when he clearly and intentionally lied under oath.  Now, some of the same Democrats want to pillory Jeff Sessions for what is a misspeak based on either context or ill-memory.  (Again, at least based on all currently available evidence.  And it is unlikely there is other evidence as the ambassadorial meetings in question are  a matter of public record.)  The severity of the offense appears to have far more to do with party affiliation than it does with facts and circumstances.

It as if politics has become the giant devouring monster that ate everything.  There is no standard but the political standard.  It is not about what is best, it is about who wins.

Former Head Basketball Coach at West Point, Indiana University and Texas Tech, Bob Knight, was always full of pithiness.  My favorite quote of his is an insult he leveled at a teammate of mine from high school that ended up on one of Knight’s national championship teams at Indiana.  But that is a personal thing.  My favorite quote of his for public consumption is “You don’t play against opponents, you play against the game of basketball.”  His point is that there are some things more important than wins and loses.  His point is that you strive for perfection and let the wins and loses take care of themselves.

Our political system seems no longer to seek such perfection.  It seems no longer to be about perfecting the nation, it just seems to be about winning.  That corrupts more than simply our government, that eventually corrupts the soul of everyone in the nation.

Regardless of how this business about Sessions ends up, this nation needs to take a serious look at itself.  The corruptions and scandals run far deeper than we seem willing to consider at the moment.


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