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Minnesota Congressional candidate Michele Bachmann fights back at an overreaching Democrat

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HH: I’m joined now by Michele Bachmann. Michele is the candidate for the Republican Party in the 6th Congressional district in Minnesota, a seat left vacant by Mark Kennedy’s decision to seek and get the GOP nomination for the Senate. Michele, welcome back to the Hugh Hewitt Show.

MB: Oh, thank you, Hugh. It’s a joy to be on.

HH: Now yesterday, your opponent, Patty Wetterling, put up an ad on television that accused the Republican leadership of covering up child molesters, specifically, “it shocks the conscience. Congressional leaders have admitted to covering the predatory behavior of a Congressman who used the internet to molest children.” What’s your reaction to such a fabricated, false and deceptive ad, Michele Bachmann?

MB: Well, I’m absolutely appalled by what she has decided to do, because she’s taking this issue, and turning it around, and using it for herself. But you know, I’m a mother of five. Marcus and I have raised 23 foster kids in our home, some of which have had endured abuse in varying degrees, and that is our number one concern. If there is abuse, it’s abhorrent. We want to see it stopped. But these ads were up, run, cut, on the air, and leaders hadn’t even made these statements. And she ran that ad, and it was just way over the top.

HH: They have not made those statements…

MB: No.

HH: And they still haven’t made those statements.

MB: Right.

HH: No one has said there’s a cover up, except Democratic operatives. In fact, they confronted and forced Foley to resign. Now how are you going to combat this, Michele Bachmann? Are you going to go up on the air and demand that she stop deceiving Minnesota voters?

MB: Oh, we’ve been doing that, Hugh, for two days. All day yesterday, all day today, we do one media interview after another. And thank you, by the way, for this opportunity. Thank you for what you’re doing to try to set the record straight. She’s being used, right now, by the Democrat Party nationally, to try to make something out of what’s happening at the federal level. And of course, again, predators who are coming against innocent and vulnerable kids are a horrible thing, and we oppose that. That’s flat-out wrong. And if anyone knows about that, and they’re covering it up, that’s flat-out wrong. Nothing has been proved to that extent, at this point. Absolutely nothing. And so rather than joining in with the hysteria, we want to stand on the side of the truth and with reality.

HH: Now yesterday on this program, Howard Kurtz, Washington Post media critic, said that given the ridiculous nature, fraudulent and deceptive advertising that Democrat Patty Wetterling is using, that the Minneapolis Star Tribune had an obligation, as did other Minnesota media, to expose her lies. Did they do so today?

MB: No, not that we’ve seen. We haven’t seen that happen yet. As a matter of fact, her last ad that she had out…here I am. I’m a federal tax lawyer. I’ve spent my career cutting taxes. My career in the State Senate for six years, cutting taxes. I was the chief sponsor of the taxpayer’s bill of rights. I hate any tax there is out there, and I want to cut it. And she put an ad out saying that I wanted to increase taxes 23%. It was false and fraudulent. We hand delivered a letter last week, on Friday, to tell her, get your ad off the air. Cease and desist. It’s a lie. And our local media covered that, and said she’s lying, she’s absolutely lying. And she refused to take that ad off the air. So really, Hugh, this isn’t surprising. She lied on her last ad, saying I wanted to increase taxes, when in fact, I want to cut them. She’s lying on this one about what’s happening with our leaders in Congress. So that’s where she’s coming from.

HH: The Minneapolis Star Tribune reporter assigned to this story, Eric Black, was invited on this program yesterday, and again today. He has turned us down both times, because he cannot defend not being a reporter. In fact, on his blog, Michele Bachmann, he wrote, “When I spoke to Wetterling Wednesday, she said anyone who knew about what Foley was doing, and didn’t act to protect these kids, should be expelled. But she said we had to wait until the investigation is completed to know who qualifies under that standard.” And then he goes on to ask, this is insane on his part, “Does the rhetoric of the ad overstate the case? What think” And he gets 140…of course it overstates. It deceives and it lies, but the Minneapolis Star Tribune is in the bag for Patty Wetterling. Do you expect that they will change, or that Eric Black will get his integrity back?

MB: (laughing) I don’t know…the Star Tribune had the poll that showed Mark Kennedy down by 24 points, so a lot of what they invest in is fiction. And so, I don’t know what’s going to happen over there or not. I have no idea. All I know is that the ad that went up is not truthful, and she has put other non-truthful ads on, and there’s a lot at stake here. I mean, Hugh, this is one of the top five races in the country…

HH: Yes.

MB: …because how this race turns out, whether it goes Democrat, whether it goes Republican, will likely determine if Congress stays Republican or Democrat. And the big news is that for the last three weeks, my campaign, Michele Bachmann for Congress here in Minnesota, we’ve been up in the independent national polls, we’ve been up by 11 points, 9 points, pretty significant. I think another thing that was kind of interesting is that the Zogby poll came out yesterday, and showed that we were up by three. And so what all the big media outlets have been trying to say is oh, look, Michele Bachmann is going down in the polls now because of what’s happening with Republicans. We’re not going down in the polls. What the Zogby poll failed to reveal is they didn’t include the independent party candidate. And that would have widened my lead even more.

HH: Now Michele Bachmann, I think you’re winning because you’re swinging from the hips, that you’re an example for every Republican candidate out there, not just on this issue, but on the tax issue, on the cultural values issue. But on this one, unlike a lot of Republicans who are waiting for their pollster to tell them something, you’ve come back firing at Wetterling for her deception. Do you think this is the only way to succeed in this environment, to stand and swing back?

MB: Well, I’m a lock-down conservative, Hugh, just like you are. I’m a fiscal conservative, a social conservative, and unashamed one. And that’s…I believe in truth in packaging. And throughout my career here in Minnesota, I’ve been a very vocal conservative, and I plan to do that in Congress if I’m lucky enough to get elected, because guess what? We win in landslides when we defend who we are, and what our message is. We win in landslides. That’s what we have to do. And my opponent and I could not be more different on every issue out there today. She wants to pull the troops out immediately from Iraq. I want to win the war. As a matter of fact, my husband, Marcus, and I were listening to you on the radio when you were talking about Lawrence Wright’s book, The Looming Tower. So I ran out and got that book after I heard you talk about it. I’ve read it. I have told everyone to read that book, because we need to know who our enemy is, that they’ve declared war on us, and that unless we figure this out and get serious, they may be effective someday. So we need to defend the greatest country on Earth, the United States, and come against them. And if you have Patty Wetterling win this seat, and Congress flips and goes Democrat, I’m just going to tell you this. Our country is at stake. Our security, our tax policy, our culture and morals. And we just have so much at stake, that at this point, everybody had to get up, get in gear, volunteer, write checks, do what you have to do for the next 33 days. But let’s not lose these elections.

HH: Now Michele Bachmann, I want people to visit your website, and I want to make sure I spell it right, because I get it wrong every time. It’s one L, two N’s. One L in Michele…

MB: It’s one…it’s Michele with one L, and I always say I was born in Iowa. My parent just didn’t know how to spell Michele. So it’s one L. And Bachmann is with two N’s. My husband is from the German part of Switzerland, so Bachmann with two N’s.

HH: It’s very, very, very simple. One L and two N’s. And any American who’s listening to this, and concerned about not leaving Iraq in retreat, not losing the Congress, and in absolutely responding the right way to these predatory attacks that use a predator. I mean, it’s disgusting. Get online and help out Michele Bachmann. It’s a difficult message, Michele. You’ve got to A) make sure people know the truth, that we condemn the Foley conduct.

MB: Absolutely.

HH: But they also know the truth that there is no cover up, and Democrats are playing dirty tricks. Has anyone left your campaign? Have you noticed that anyone is changing their mind because of Democrat dirty tricks?

MB: Oh, absolutely not. I think as a matter of fact, people are scratching their heads, because they’re saying yeah, don’t I remember something about an intern in the Oval Office not too long ago? And so people are saying gee, this is not a Republican issue. Democrats have done far worse on this issue, and we’re an equal opportunity offender. So let’s just get the bad guys out of here, and people love decency. They love traditional values. So let’s embrace traditional values, and what makes the country great.

HH: Michele Bachmann, a pleasure. We’ll check back. I hope people go and help you get that message out.

End of interview.


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