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Wednesday, March 1, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

T. F. Boggs is a milblogger currently deployed to Iraq. Perhaps he’ll find time to comment on Zogby’s propaganda “poll.”

Greyhawk from MudvilleGazette called the program during the discussion of the Zogby not-a-poll poll. He is as skeptical as most.

UPDATE: T.F. Boggs just called in from Mosul. He too thinks the Zogby numbers are screwy. Special Forces’ AJ called in from San Jose, fuming at what he sees as Zogby’s enemy-assisting antiwar propaganda.

Radioblogger is going to grab the audio from all three calls and post it later. Give a listen and then ask yourself if you believe Zogby’s nonsense.


An e-mail on the Zogby non-poll poll:


Zogby poll’s bunk.

I was part of an eight-man team activated for Iraqi Freedom back in ’03. Our unit’s due in a couple months for our third rotation. The second and third rotation have been totally volunteer for our unit.

Of the 8 of us in our original team:

Two of us — volunteered for three rotations (i’m one)

Four of us — two rotation

One of us — on medical profile — can’t go but would in a heartbeat if he could

One of us — retired after first rotation — became a civilian contractor, has been in the AOR almost three years now

Zero of us — refuse to go back

Zogby isn’t even close to reality.

— Master Sergeant James (name withheld)


Smash has more.

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