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Milblogger Friday

Thursday, March 30, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Time for four hours of sleep before the dash west for the afternoon broadcast. To meet your reading needs in the AM, be sure to read Buck Sargent’s latest, T.F.Boggs and of course Mudville Gazette.

And BlueCrabBoulevard has a letter from a soldier in Kuwait that deserves a close read.

My book sprint ended with an interesting conversation with Tucker Carlson tonight. Tucker’s not much of a “party man,” and I certainly didn’t convert him though I seemed to give him pause.

Nothing happens legislatively in this country unless the majority party wants it to.

Sometimes the minority can block things, like drillling in ANWR and judicial nominees.

But nothing happens in Congress if the majority does not want it to occur.

If the GOP fritters away its majorities, kiss the SCOTUS and most other crucial issues goodbye.

Which is why barnstorming for Painting the Map Red is worth the effort.

The prospect of Democrats in control in time of war means a replay of the Vietnam War endgame.

And that ought to concentrate the mind.

HumanEvents provides a write-up of one of Thursday’s events, and Townhall and Congressman Jack Kingston chart another.

Do your Congressman/Senator/candidate a favor, and go to and send them a gift of the book.

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