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Mike Huckabee’s Very Bad Day

Friday, December 21, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

First Rush rips Huckabee up one side and down another.

Then the Wall Street Jounal’s Kimberly Stassel says he’s a walking time bomb of ethics-related hit pieces.

Then Secretary of State Rice blasts his “bunker mentality” critique of the Bush Administration foreign policy.

And now  his new campaign manager,  Mike Huffington-Ross Perot veteran Ed Rollins, announces that Iowa is do-or-die day for Huck: Does Governor Huckabee have to win Iowa
in order to be the nominee?

Ed Rollins: I think Iowa’s very important to him. And
I think the bottom line is that we think we’re going
to win Iowa. I don’t think we started out expecting to
win anything, but I think this is what’s created a
great buzz.

And I think, to a certain extent, that’s where we’re
putting a lot of our energy. We’d be terribly
disappointed–I mean, I think it becomes harder for us
to go beyond that, but I think at this point in time
if for some reason we didn’t win it, which I certainly
have no reason to think we’re not going to, we’re not
a multi-millionaire that can spend $100 million of our
own money.

We’ve got to have momentum. We have to keep that
momentum. We have to convince people as we’re starting
that we have a real chance of winning this thing and
going all the way. And I think that it’s important to
win Iowa.

Nice way Rollins has of managing expectations. 

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