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Miers, Miers, Miers

Tuesday, October 25, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Transcripts of today’s interviews with anti-Miers Cornerites Stanley Kurtz and Roger Clegg as well as with Irish Pennants’ Jack Kelly will be up at later.

Stanley thinks I am handicapped by being a law professor and demanding standards of proof from Miers critics that the public doesn’t need.

In fact, I am increasingly confident that the charges against Miers on the issue of affirmative action are based on a single Washington Post article to which conservatives overreacted in the absence of hard evidence of what they believed Miers to believe. Roger Clegg now has the resolution, and will fax it to me tomorrow, but it seems to me that arguing that the Bar’s position was a “quota” when the Bar’s resolution says “goal (not a quota)” leaves the question open.

The good news is that the hearings can certainly ask the nominee about the Texas Bar’s policies in this area, and that her answers can be very detailed as to what she supported and why.

UPDATE: An excellent post on why the president won’t cut and run on Miers from TwoMinuteOffense. (HT: Powerline.)

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