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Michelle Malkin with some news of who John McCain has as his Hispanic outreach director

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HH: Michelle Malkin, commentator and columnist, always available at, and usually on the O’Reilly Factor. Michelle, welcome, it’s good to have you back.

MM: Thanks for having me back, Hugh.

HH: Hats off to some superb reporting today. Let’s do the facts first, and analysis second. Who is working for John McCain on immigration?

MM: Well, it’s a man named Dr. Juan Hernandez. He’s the Hispanic outreach director for the campaign, and my colleague, Brian Preston at Hot Air confirmed his status there, and dug up a sweet picture of Dr. Hernandez with Mark MacKinnon and Megan McCain, McCain’s daughter, during the Univision debate last December. The guy is somebody I’d known for a while. He’s been a debating opponent of mine for several years. And he is the king of double talk and crooked talk when it comes to border enforcement. He is a dual citizen of Mexico and the United States, and served in Vicente Fox’s administration, overseeing a now-defunct office called the presidential office for Mexicans abroad, whose primary and sole purpose was to undermine immigration enforcement in this country.

HH: Now Michelle Malkin, I think this is a fairly stunning bit of news, that John McCain’s director of Hispanic outreach is a former Mexican cabinet government official. Now I know he’s got dual citizenship, and that’s a legitimate form of citizenship. But to go get a former Vicente Fox cabinet member and make him your…it’s just not going to assuage the concerns of the base in the Republican Party, is it?

MM: Absolutely not. It’s going to confirm the suspicions of a lot of grassroots conservatives that despite McCain’s assurance that he now understands the need for border security, that in fact what he simply understands is that he has to pay lip service to it to try and get elected. And this guy is not just somebody that he hired on at the last minute. It turns out that he is also serving as a senior fellow at a McCain-founded non-profit, supposed non-profit, non-partisan think tank called the Reform Institute, which has come under scrutiny by mainstream media outlets in the last couple of years, because it appears that this thing was set up to solicit donations from people who then benefit from lobbying by McCain, for example the Cablevision company, but then also is used to funnel a lot of left wing, open borders money, including funding from George Soros.

HH: We’re going to get to that. I’m talking with Michelle Malkin. All of this, by the way, is linked at It’ll take you to Michelle’s site. Michelle, most Republicans, no matter what their agreement or disagreement is on path to citizenship, visa, all that different stuff, about 90% of us want a border fence. I think it’s just a firm belief within the Republican Party that we have to build the fence. And yet, Mr. Hernandez, his website, or this Reform Institute website, runs anti-border cartoon contests. These are linked at your site, or posted at your site. This is astonishing to me.

MM: It is, and you really have to see these pieces of art to believe that. And these pieces of art speak for themselves about where McCain really stands on the border fence. You know, he has said that we need to build it, but in appearances that we’ve caught, and we’ve posted on Hot Air, he’s been found to have been grumbling about the bleeping fence, and he’ll build it if he has to. And it betrays this kind of sympathy that he’s always had for these trans-nationalists, these regionalists like Juan Hernandez, who think of the border as an impediment, as an imaginary line. And so they had this contest that was sponsored by the Reform Institute, where they asked students to depict their protest against the southern border fence, and for example, the winner on the American side of the border has a big slogan with barbed wire across the top of it that says boundaries don’t keep people out, they fence you in. And the winner, the grand prize winner, was a student who invoked specious open borders propaganda that compares out fence, which is meant to keep trespassers out to the Berlin Wall, which of course is designed to wall people in.

HH: It’s an amazing couple of visuals at I also want to ask you, Michelle, in the New York Times editorial endorsement of John McCain today, the New York Times editorial board specifically cites their reason being his willingness to “uphold fundamental American values in the immigration debate.” What values are those that the New York Times is referring to?

MM: I have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about. They’re speaking a different language. If they mean…I mean, it’s an Alice In Wonderland world.

HH: It is.

MM: What they’re talking about is upholding the Mexican government’s values, and doing everything they can to subvert immigration enforcement. Juan Hernandez, who is McCain’s Hispanic outreach director, worked while he was in charge of this bureaucracy to get states and localities to adopt drivers licenses for illegal aliens, to allow illegal aliens to do more banking at lower rates, and to prevent local and state law enforcement from cooperating with the feds to enforce immigration law and fix the deportation abyss. American values?

HH: I know. I’ve got a question for you. If John Kerry had employed as a senior advisor a dual citizen who had served in the French cabinet under any of our many French adversaries/allies, how would the Republicans have treated that Kerry advisor position? Wouldn’t we have raised holy hell about that?

MM: Oh, yeah, it would be worth five Drudge sirens in 100 point, World War IV font. But you’re not hearing a lot about this, and I’m so glad that you’re highlighting it. It really, with me, and I think for a lot of people, it’s not just the fact that John McCain is so opposed to where we stand on border enforcement and immigration reform, true immigration reform. It’s the manner in which he has done it – the double talk, the forked tongue, having people like Juan Hernandez on board who believe we are bigots, continuing to play the racism card against his opponents. And let’s not forget how that shamnesty debacle was attempted last summer.

– – – –

HH: Michelle, my question is sort of global. Does the issue matter anymore? We were part of sort of a grassroots revolt last summer, killed McCain-Kennedy dead, killed its resurrection dead. But now, is it, does it matter?

MM: It matters more than ever. We’ve got all of the candidates in both parties trying to jockey and position themselves as the most trustworthy on national security. Homeland security is dependent on borders that matter, on fences that are secure, and on interior enforcement and deportation policies that are real and meaningful, and employer sanctions, of course. And you have somebody who worked with a cabal of open borders politicians and lobbyists on both sides of the aisle to ram down the American public’s throat what would have been the largest amnesty in American history. And he worked with, and was joined at the hip with folks like Juan Hernandez, who are not designated as outreach directors to assure those same people who supported amnesty that once McCain’s in the White House, that those policies would continue. I got an e-mail from a reader, a Hispanic Republican who was in Nevada, and had heard from the McCain camp in December, that Juan Hernandez was a part of the campaign. Apparently, it was raised to try and reassure Hispanic Republicans that the McCain camp was with them. Well, guess what? It had the opposite effect. And I’d just like to read a part of this letter.

HH: Please.

MM: Because she said how can McCain reconcile the fact that he says he learned his lesson with the American people, with choosing as his Hispanic national director, someone whose views and interests are ‘so clearly anti-security and not in the interest of the American people, or, for that matter, us legal Hispanic immigrants?” That says it all.

HH: That’s persuasive. Now do you think, though, for Republican primary voters in Florida and Super Tuesday beyond, that John McCain’s record and his advisors on this, will be a key issue?

MM: If the word gets out. That’s the thing. But with frustrating things like debates like last night that was run by NBC, is that he got away scot-free. He knows that he can get a pass from his friends in the media. That’s why he’s the Democrats and the New York Times’ favorite Republican. And we are the only kind of folks out there who can hold him accountable. And I would encourage Florida Republicans and Republicans leading up to Super Tuesday, who can attend these events, to bring their cameras with them, ask these questions directly, because no one else will, get him on YouTube, get him on record, and let it be known. Let it be shown. Put the light on him.

HH: Where he is. Michelle Malkin at, thanks for great work on this. You’re cutting the edge, and it’s very important. I appreciate it.

End of interview.


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