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Michelle Malkin Mauls McCain

Wednesday, December 26, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

I think MM and those she quotes –like Thomas Sowell– are just a bit closer to the center of Republican primary opinion than the Manchester Union Leader though the paper is influential with the Granite State’s independents, as Geraghty the Indispensable relays.

The McCain-Feingold slam on free speech, the Gang of 14 blow to the judicial nomination reform, and the proposed McCain-Kennedy immigration bill are not going to be forgotten by GOP primary voters, which is why it will end up being Romney or Giuliani, and as Huckabee fades in Iowa, Romney is revealed as having built an organization that lasted through the Huck surge and which will endure long after McCain’s last attempt to derail the GOP has passed.  (Team McCain’s angry reaction to the Romney campaigns highlighting of past McCain adventures reminds all of the GOP just how irascible the McCain gang can be.  Inventing a Romney “tailspin” also reminds us that there’s McCain’s World, where the facts don’t matter much, whether on immigration, campaign finance, or judicial nominations.)  Both challenges are very good for the likely GOP nominee, testing his own and his team’s ability to respond to changing political data as well as Romney has for decades responded to changing markets.  There was a period in which the Olympics almost cratered as well which Romney managed one day and one sponsor/organization at a time –a very useful experience to have had as the next week unfolds.

One more note from a Michael Rubin post at The Corner yesterday:  Iran’s “hardline” news agency FARS likes Huckabee!  The story approvingly notes that Huckabee”was critical of the Bush foreign policy, which he described as ‘arrogant bunker mentality.'” 

I think the liberal Concord Monitor’s blast at Romney actually helped the former Massachusetts governor with GOP voters, but I don’t think praise from the mullahs’ mouthpiece is particularly helpful to Huckabee.

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