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Michelle Malkin Has The Popcorn Ready

Sunday, January 6, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

She too thinks the McCain campaign hit the iceberg last night with the amnesty dodges, and concluded Charlie “Gibson’s superficial knowledge of the immigration issue left him completely unequipped to challenge John McCain’s slippery rhetoric on shamnesty.”

But the GOP base knows the issue, from A to the Z Visa, so Gibson’s indifference doesn’t matter. Michelle also wonders: “Can Romney defend himself with more zeal without pulling a McCain and looking churlish? Can Huckabee appear in a forum with McCain without leaving slobber all over the floor?”

As I wrote earlier, Romney must not be baited into an angry moment that would bring him down to McCain’s emotional level. McCain wounded himself on substance and style in a debate many pundits (though not all) thought helped him –anyone recall John Kerry’s “Global Test” from the first debate in 2004?– and Romney must neither throw himn a lifeline or jump into the water with an anvil.

It isn’t just about New Hampshire but the long campaign ahead.

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