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Michael Novak Endorses Romney

Wednesday, December 12, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Here’s the open of the respected theologian/scholar’s statement:

National Review beat me to it, alas, but I have been deciding to come out publicly for Mitt Romney for some days now. I have been supporting him privately for weeks, though I was trying to avoid supporting anybody publicly.

But the attacks upon Romney’s religion have been a last straw. They are just not fair. I remember his father’s campaigns and what an upright man he was -and no one even breathed a word against him because of his religion.

Read the whole thing.  It is very powerful.

Here’s another Huck hit from David Corn and Jonathan Stein in Mother Jones, which would ordinarily have zero impact on the GOP race except for the defensiveness on Huckabee’s part.  Will MSM get a hold of theses sermons and sit on them on the long shot chance Huck’s the nominee.

And in the e-mail bag:


The MSM focused on Huckabee’s assertion that Romney believes that Jesus and Lucifer are brothers, but missed the more important part of the quote-“I don’t know much about the religion….”

The most charitable comparison I can make is to Casablanca’s Inspector Renaud’s expression of “shocked, shocked that there is gambling going on here…”

In 1998, the Southern Baptist Convention provocatively scheduled their annual meeting in Salt Lake City.  The potential confrontation attracted a record number of mainstream media hoping for a dust-up (that never came).  In preparation, the SBC distributed a 50 minute video entitled “The Mormon Puzzle” to 40,000 SBC congregations as well as publishing over 12,000 copies of a book entitled “Mormonism Unmasked”

The keynote speaker?

Mike Huckabee.

See UNCoRRELATED for more details.


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