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Michael Barone for Congress, Governor, Whatever

Saturday, October 7, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Any seat, either house. Any state.  Because he’s smart and fair and thorough, as his take on the Foley affair reveals.

We ought to have a list ready for the next time a senator drops dead, as unfortunately happens every so often.  The list would be of men and women whom it would be fun to watch in the Senate, and whose talents would be useful to the body.

Or perhaps if the Senate goes back to obstructing all and not just many of the president’s nominees to the circuit courts, the White House could send up a slate of novel nominees in the spring of 2008 and recess appoint them all for the truncated terms such judges serve. Barone could be on that list as well. 

Speaking of lists, here’s another one.  Do they have to wear tails?

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