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Mexico and National Security

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My friend and frequent guest Frank Dowse of the Agemus Group sent along an email which I received permission to post:

Apparently, Fox News is reporting what we have been observing for over two years (see below, American Sentry Article originally posted Jul 10′, and numerous atrticles before that at
The nexus between Jihadist terror and the Cartels is becoming increasingly more plausible…if not actual.
Many of you have been commenting, “why am I seeing what Agemus was talking about a year or two ago just now showing up on Fox, CNN, CBS and other media?..” Not sure..some of you have been kind enough to forward my observations or provide generous formats to share this with your colleagues, audiences, and friends. I am truly grateful. Yes, it is a bit frustrating to see others glamming on this now when it has truly been a serious problem going on for years now. One dillema I have is the sourcing. I’m privy often, as a result of my background, experience, and contacts, sharing, exchanging, disclosing information my media counterparts are not often privy to or able to corroborate. The Administration is in a very precarious situation with regards to Jihadist terror influences or encroachment vis’ a vis’ the Cartels. It has severe economic, political, diplomatic and social ramifictions that would force the Administration to take necessary steps to confront this problem directly that are diametrically opposed to much of their idealogical and political rhetoric as they role into the next election cycle. It sounds rather cynical, but I am convinced it is the case. So, they play this, “All is right in the State of Denmark” minimizing to the greatest extent the dangers and challenges that are metastasizing weekly in Northern Mexico. If I am remotely guilty of hyperbolizing things, the DHS is equally guilty of trying to downplay, if not outrightly neglecting, that Mexico is now our most pressing National Security issue…when coupled with Jihadist terror elements in direct consultation, and potentially operationally connected endeavors against the US. A very reliable and well vetted source shared with me personally that the ICE agent murders were a deliberate step by the Cartels to provoke the “Yankees” into some escalated intervention to then rally the Mexican populace to the Cartels as “Freedom Fighters” against the Imperialist Gringos. He then went on to say that since there is no forseeable future from US consumers in curbing the demand for their product, the Cartels need to energize the people to keep their existing market share alive, and use any increased US aid, assistance, or direct intervention as a claxon to support the Cartels. They are counting on the fact the US will not intervene to any extent that would be remotely a threat to them operationally, but in fact let the Adminstration take some feign attempt, then exploit it to bolster their IO (information operations) campaign. They are evil…not stupid.
Thank you for your continued support and comments. It is truly appreciated.

Frank A. Dowse
Chief Executive Officer
The Agemus Group, LLC


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