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A Metastatic Government

Tuesday, April 15, 2014  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

When Hank Adler was in studio yesterday to talk about his new book (see below), he told me that his column today would be about the attempt by the IRS to enforce demands for overpayment of old Social Security benefits from third party descendants of the deceased who allegedly received the overpayment.

I couldn’t believe that the issue could be that widespread because the conduct described by Hank was so outrageous.  Unbelievable in fact.  I told him it had to be an aberration –my lawyerly way of saying to my good friend and  I though Hank had his facts wrong.

Nope. I was wrong, Hank was right, and the Washington Post today reports that this incredible overreach is being ended.  But not before everyone got another whiff of what metastatic government looks like.  They got another view with the attempted intimidation of Cliven Bundy over the weekend (though Harry Reid says that one isn’t over.)

The feds are just drunk on power, and the indifference to promises made (“If you like your plan…) to rules that are inconvenient (a hundred waivers, extensions and rewrites) to oversight (Holder’s being held in contempt of Congress and Elijah Cummings’ back-dooring Democratic targets to the IRS) and to basic Constitutional order are now spreading an attitude throughout the vast federal bureaucracy of unaccountability that results in such extraordinary, indeed almost unbelievable abuses.

It is going to get worse unless the people throw a collective flag in November, so pick a Senate race or two or 14 and get invested in bringing accountability back to D.C.

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