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Memo To The MSM: This Is The Short Version Of The Edwards’ Blogger Story

Tuesday, February 13, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Dean’s post below has to be read in full, but given many MSMers general cluelessness about this first major candidate pratfall story of Campaign ’08, I want to guide them to the key graph from The Artist Formerly Known As Soxblog:

As for Edwards, he looks irredeemably pathetic. There’s a simple reason for this – he is irredeemably pathetic. He hired someone who had no business being legitimated by a mainstream political campaign. He then bowed to pressure and fired her. He then bowed to pressure again and unfired her. And then he left the stage to let her resign. In the wake of all these stumbles and pratfalls, he looks like a careless fool. He also may have alienated the Fightin’ Nutroots to boot. Well played!

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