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Memo To The House GOP: This Is How You Do It. This Is How You Explain It.

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As the House GOP readies itself to retreat boldly and declare there was nothing to be done in the face of Harry Reid’s defense of cowboy poetry, the Wisconsin GOP provides an example that might yet prevent the round heels from tilting backwards inside the Beltway.

Bravo to the GOP up north for pushing through the changes they were elected to make, and doing so in the face of the usual suspects shouting the usual absurd slogans. While the temptation is great to provide the response “We won. You lost,” the real response, both in Madison and in D.C. is “There is no more money.” What is underway is a paring back of a great excess which includes the resetting of profligate promises made by vote-buying politicians to special interests over the past two decades.

Scott Walker has a great op-ed in today’s Wall Street Journal. We have to hope every Beltway Republican reads it, and that Speaker Boehner has a hold on next Monday’s opinion page, and after him Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan as the caucus swings into over-communication mode on the need –the absolute, pressing, nation-security-driven need– to carve back spending. “Non-essential services are going to have to shut down,” they should write, “until we pass the first, modest round of cuts as well as crucial ‘limiting amendments’ such as the defunding of Planned Parenthood, NPR and Obamacare. The people voted for this, and we are doing the will of the people.”

“What, no compromise?” will scream the MSM. And the answer is you cannot compromise with a bankrupt debtor. There. Is. No. Money.

Spain is sadly providing another example of why we cannot wait and pretend that this debate over the budget deficit is just like all the other debates over the budget deficit. While the GOP is worried about fighting and losing the war of 1995 again, the sovereign debt crisis is pummeling another country that did not act.

This isn’t about the Democrats. The Democrats are wildly irresponsible and apparently illiterate on matters of basic economics and indifferent to the news from abroad. It would e interesting to hear Harry Reid answer the question why he thinks what has happened to Greece and Ireland and is now happening to Spain cannot happen to the U.S.

But we don’t expect him to be coherent. We expect him to rev the car over the cliff. We do expect Speaker Boehner and the House GOP to act as though they meant what they said on the campaign trail.


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