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Memo To PEOTUS @realDonaldTrump: #FasterPlease and #TheFourthWay

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There’s been a lull in the pace of the stand up of the Trump Administration and the left is using it to try and define the new president and his team.  The response should be #FasterPlease and #TheFourthWay: More appointments at every level and a bigger, broader agenda that surprises and delivers —#TheFourthWay.

The incessant mentions of the popular vote, the factually wrong attacks on various nominees but especially Rex Tillerson for State, Betsy DeVos for Education, Andy Puzder for Labor and Scott Pruitt for EPA, the attacks on the wealth of some nominees, the insistence that scandal will follow the new president because for the complexity of his financial holdings, the beginning of the smear that he specifically and conservatives generally are homophobic and racist (see this story by The Huffington Post Sam Stein which I mentioned on Hardball last night and will discuss at length on Thursday’s radio show) the constant attacks on Mike Flynn and Steve Bannon –all of this is part of the effort to delegitimize Donald Trump out of the gate and cripple the start of the Administration so that the move to capture the center of American politics is blunted and the early agenda delayed.

The answer to this is to make more news, every day and in every way.  Right now it is easy: Name the final four cabinet posts –Agriculture, VA, United States Trade Rep and Director of National Intelligence as well as the big 6 to 8 Ambassadorships: NATO, the UK, France, Japan, Australia, Russia and a couple of others. The start moving through the deputies at the big departments –State and Defense and Justice– and especially by naming the SCOTUS nominee and many if not all of the 14 vacancies on the U.S. Courts of Appeal.

Then more ambassadors –younger, smarter, out of the box folk from all over and outside of the usual suspects– and then key positions like Solicitor General and various Assistant Attorneys General, the head of the United States Fish & Wildlife Service, the head of the Army Corps of Engineers

Flood the zone with stellar personnel choices and the news they generate –and hopefully they are indeed a diverse bunch to end the Sam Stein silly sallies on homophobia etc– and make every day a big news day by explaining just how smart the new nominees are, how crucial their job is and how they will be different –how the team is different– from the President Obama’s people who went out the door.  (No holdovers!  The buzz on begging by 44 clingers is pretty amazing.)

Keep the pace up through Christmas and New Years and then start the policy conversations.  Go big at the start.  Not just repeal and replacement of Obamcare and some tax reform bills as incoming White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus described to me last week.

No, President-elect Trump, go for it all.  Lay out the defense rebuild.  Demand the stimulus (done in the right, conservative way) and, crucially, go for the immigration overhaul that assures your dominate 2018 and beyond.  Try not just to match FDR. Surpass FDR.  100 judges in 100 days, plus Obamacare repeal, plus an immigration overhaul (and the fence), plus the plan for 350 ships, and yes tax and entitlement reform. #FasterPlease

Do it all.

This is the only way to keep theleft scattered and on the defensive.  Republicans have to move the ball, every day, via press release, press conference, appointment, or vote.  Every day.

And that means the president-elect back out doing one-on-ones.  Get the incoming Counsel to the President to release the first MOU on the holdings —like the Clinton Foundation MOU with the Obama Administration of 12/12/08— and hold a presser at the ame time and refer all questions on finances to the document, then go 30,000 feet on the agenda ahead.

Speed, speed, speed.  First appointments.  Then policy. No Christmas break, no New Year’s pause.  Every gap is filled by attack stories from a grieving MSM and wounded Democrats. The Stein story is just a fiorst grappling hook on the wall.  Every angle will be exploited to try and change the story line from massive change to the old tropes of the left about conservatives generally and the new Administration specifically.

It takes a book-length essay to lay out this approach –including the certain to be controversial call for an immigration overhaul led by President Trump– so I spent every day since the election writing on how the new president can seize this unique moment. President Obama had such a moment in 2009 and he blew it, but settling for one short term thing –the stimulus– and one and a half long term disasters –Obamacre and Dodd Frank.  He didn’t use his opening to seize the center of the country.  That’s where 2018 and 202 will be won (that and the courts and the ships.)

So please, Mr. President-elect. Faster with the appointments.  You may want them to look the part, but make sure they parts are all filled asap.

And Hill GOP: Get ready to work.  Get the staffs going and the bills drafted.  Toss out the old calendar. Try and win big for a change. Its all in the book.

It won’t arrive until Donald Trump’s Inauguration, but you can wrap a picture of it for under the tree for your staff  and voters, semnd a few dozen copies to every one you know connected with politics  Time to try winning  Time to try #TheFourthWay:


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