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Memo To Our Sources In Iraq

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The Democrats in the Congress have decided to allow access to the intelligence in which your identity is either made explicit or from which it could be deduced.  We are sorry that the Democrats have no grasp of the danger in which they are putting you, or if they do have that grasp, no concern for you, your family members, or the continuing effort to bring stability to Iraq.

We can predict with great certainty that some of the 435 Members will read the report and intend to say nothing, but that they will bleat out something or other at some point. 

We are also certain that some will return from the secure office with the ink still fresh on their secrecy pledge, and dial up any reporter they can find if they figure out that there’s a way to damage the Adminstration in the process.  If you are, for example, somewhere in the Mahdi Army and you have expressed to us certainty of Sadr’s willingness to pretend to cooperate with the government for the time being, that will spill out quickly, and possibly the sort of clues that the Iranian intelligence services will use to put the finger on you.  If you are close to the al Qaeda fanatics and have given us a tip from time to time, well, let’s hope that level of detail didn’t make it into the NIE.  Of course we have always assumed the classified versions of the NIE would be well protected, so in the past we have been expansive in the discussions to assure we wouldn’t get blamed for cherry-picking again.  Hard luck, I know.  I can’t tell you what’s in there, but someone in Congress almost certainly will.  Keep in mind some of these folks were never a threat to win the spelling bee.

If you had thought of coming over our way, we’d still like to have you on our side, which is the side that remains opposed to blowing up innocents with car bombs.  But we have to retract our pledges to you of secrecy and concern for your life and the lives of your families.  There’s a new gang in charge of the Congress, and even thoughthey can’t be expected to know the difference between Sunni and Shia as that would involve reading, we are also now certain they can’t be expected to give a lick about your lives.


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