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Memo to MSM: The Troops Aren’t Buying It. Do You Care?

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From the in box –one of many:


My wife and I are both Army officers, and we are both well educated. Additionally, we have both been separately deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. My wife obtained her AA, BA, and MS degrees by going to school at night. I am currently doing the same. Senator Kerry is (should be) a total embarrassment to the Democrat party. What he issued was absolutely not an apology. It was filled with “weasel” words. I have read and watched the video of him saying those words. I don’t care what he intended to say. I know what he did say. BTW, great blog!

Pardoning Kerry and moving on is simple contempt on MSM’s part for the opinions of the men and women in uniform.  The agenda journalists of the MSM find these opinions inconvenient to their story lines, so those opinions are ignored.  As a result the contempt felt by the military for the MSM grows.

“What The MSM Doesn’t Know And Doesn’t Care To Find Out” expands on this topic. 

Among the many, many sins of the MSM, the indifference to the opinions of the active duty military is among the worst.

UPDATE: One more e-mail, and then I am away for some hours:

Hugh – First off, thank you for the great work that you do. I’ve been a fan for many years and have thoroughly enjoyed hearing your views. While I don’t consistently agree with you, I appreciate the manner in which you convey your opinions. However, 99% of the time I DO agree with you.

Just wanted to chime in on the article you wrote today for THANK YOU! Your coverage has been the one thing that Sen. Kerry loathes……honest. An honest and fair portrayal of his opinion. I guess I am one of the stupids. I have served in the US Air Force for 7 years and am proud of my service. While I’ve never been ‘Stuck’ in Iraq, I have served in Afghanistan and many not-so-glamorous locations through the Balkans. Before I ever heard anything from the “Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” and “Stuffed Suits” about Sen. Kerry’s comments, I heard them raw, unedited and without commentary. In fact, I first read them on the website. I was offended before anyone told me I should be offended.

That is what is so duplicitous about Sen. Kerry’s ‘apology.’ Read it again. He did not apologize for what he said. He apologized for the error we made. He apologized for our inability to intepret his words properly.

“I sincerely regret that my words were misinterpreted to wrongly imply anything negative about those in uniform, and I personally apologize to any service member, family member, or American who was offended.”

Surely, he says right in there “I personally apologize….” but that is rooted in the first conditiional clause, stating that our offense is due to our misinterpretation. He’s sorry that, once again, we were not nuanced enough to get him. We lack the sophistication to appreciate his ‘je ne sais quo.’ Again, just like in the original jab, we’re not smart enough.

This is par for the course for the junior Senator from Massachusetts, and believe me, WE are all smart enough to know how the Senator truly feels about those who serve. He wraps himself in the flag to make a point. We wrap ourselves in the flag to remind us of those we defend. That’s the difference between Senator Winter Soldier and those who serve, and have served, with honor. I don’t deny he’s served, but there are Veterans in prison right now, and some in Congress. Service does not equte to lifelong greatness and a free pass to be a moron beyond criticism.

Again, thank you for your great work. When I think I why I serve, I think of defending the opinions, speech and rights of people like you.

I am always humbled by such notes, and cannot imagine not attempting to cover the opinions of such men.  Which is why the behavior of the MSM is both stunning and outrageous.



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