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Memo To Attack Watch: Mark Steyn, Mark Steyn, Mark Steyn

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Mark Steyn tries out for AttackWorld. Complete transcript here.

He didn’t spare the GOP either, which might get him time off for good behavior from the wardens of AttackWorld, or not:

MS: I don’t expect, I’m not looking for perfection in these candidates, and I expect to disagree with them on key issues, and to a certain extent, for these to be 70% alliances. But what I found bothersome about Rick Perry on the immigration issue, for example, when he was asked about in-state tuition for illegal immigrants, and he had some line about how he didn’t think whether you were entitled to state funds should depend on how your name is pronounced. And I thought that was a cheap line. That’s like when Obama kept going on about what an unusual name he had, and the implication being that if you question Rick Perry’s decision on this, you’re some kind of racist, white supremacist with some WASPy surname who can’t handle the fact that those fellows called Jose wandering around in the country these days. And so you can have honorable differences of opinion on these issues. But that kind of cheap, tacky demonization, if you want a glib line, I mean, his glib lines died. His glib line on, you know, that you can’t buy him for $5,000 bucks died. And the glib line about people with funny sounding surnames died.

HH: Sure.

MS: He needs some better lines.

HH: 30 seconds, Mark, let’s even it up. What left you wanting in Romney?

MS: Well again, I feel Romney miscalculated in essentially playing the granny card on Social Security. My bedrock, when we talk about the 70% thing, I can support a 70% candidate. But in that 70%, the thing I’m looking for, the think my book is all about, is the urgency. It’s not mid-century problems that America has got. It’s mid-decade problems.



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