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Memo To Kansas: A Vote for Orman Is A Vote For Harry Reid and President Obama

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My Monday Washington Examiner column is about the number of military veterans the GOP has nominated for key Senate and House races this year.  Their arrival on the Hill will help replenish the ranks of veterans in Congress which peaked in the ’70s at over 400 and which today is barely over 100.

In other news, the Dems seem to be succeeding with their “bait-and-switch” in Kansas, and are counting on low-information voters to keep their majority by voting for “independent” Greg Orman, who previously ran as a Democrat but is on the ballot as an “independent.” This morning I sent an email to two young friends in Kansas, and I hope all readers and listeners do the same for everyone they know who votes in Kansas:

Hi _________

I saw your tweets yesterday about the Browns and appreciate them. I don’t believe the Jets qualify as a professional team so don’t get your hopes up for the Bolts.

Anyway, those tweets made me think that I haven’t talked to you about your state Senate race: Republican Pat Roberts v. “independent” Greg Orman. The race will be close so I am emailing an appeal to you two to study the race hard as it is the key to the Senate in 2014 and thus for the next two years, and thus to the Supreme Court and religious liberty as well as many other issues including the fight against ISIS abroad and economic growth at home.

Senator Pat Roberts is your incumbent senator and at 78 is seeking his fourth term in the Senate. He’s not a firebrand but he is very good at his job, serving presently on the Ag Committee as well as the Committee on Health & Labor and the Select Committee on Ethics. Roberts is also the past chair of the Committee on Intelligence, one of the key positions in all of Congress. He knows the enemy abroad and with the rise of ISIS his experience is very critical to the next few years.

Democrats in D.C. pressured the Democratic nominee in Kansas who was running against Roberts to drop out of the race after he was nominated, so it was late enough in the cycle to assure that there is no Democrat running on the ballot. No Democrat can win that race in Kansas this year because of widespread disgust with Senate Majority Harry Rid and President Obama on a number of issues. So this was pure subterfuge –an admission that Democrats cannot win the seat head-to-head with Roberts.

So Reid is betting on getting the “independent” Orman elected and then luring him to caucus with the Democrats as two other “independents” presently do, thus maintaining his Majority Leader status and continuing to pack the courts with President Obama nominees. There will probably be at least one Supreme Court vacancy in the next two years. If Reid uses Orman to hang on to the Senate majority, President Obama’s nominee(s) –no matter how left wing and anti-religious freedom– will be confirmed to a life time appointment. In June, both of President Obama’s nominees voted against Hobby Lobby in the key case on religious liberty of the last 25 years.

Orman has surface appeal especially to a bunch of younger, low information voters who like his youth and straight leg jeans. But your home town newspaper nailed it with this headline, captured on Twitter by the politics editor at NPR:

Charlie Mahtesian @charlieNPR · Sep 24
Greg Orman, painfully above the fold in Kansas capital paper. Meanwhile, Roberts hasnt polled over 42 since primary

So the choice is very clear: A vote for Orman is a vote for Harry Reid to continue to break and abuse the Senate and allow the president to continue packing the courts, and a vote for Roberts is a vote for religious liberty and responsible opposition to the president ion judicial appointments, seriousness in the battle against ISIS and genuine checks-and-balances in D.C. I hope you two will support Senator Roberts come November 4 (or earlier if you vote early by absentee).



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