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Media Bias and the Debates, Again

Thursday, March 31, 2011  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The GOP is crazy to allow its presidential nomination process to be mediated by a left-of-center to hard left MSM. I interviewed John Harris of Politico today, one of the designated “moderators” of the proposed Reagan Library debate, now moved to September, and traditional conservatives and Tea Party activists alike will get no comfort from our conversation. (The transcript is here.)

Harris is an experienced and respected journalist, and a genuinely smart and nice guy who always agrees to interviews, but his responses to my questions confirm the blind spot the MSM has with regard to its own deep biases and the guild nature of the Manhattan-Beltway media elite. If the referee of the debate cannot simply state what everyone in America knows –that Chris Matthews is a hard left partisan– how can this debate be anything other than an exercise in agenda journalism intended to serve the MSM’s and the president’s agendas, which are all too often one and the same thing?

The Republican candidates who refuse to come to the cattle calls for MSM branding will get points with many voters for declaring their independence from the gatekeepers. The RNC should save them from that choice, however, by stepping in and setting up a debate schedule with a format and questioners that put the party’s interests first, and not those of the liberal elite of the MSM.

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