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Meanwhile, Immigration Reform Advances

Monday, May 20, 2013  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The House working group made progress last week, a development missed by many focused on the IRS hearings. Congressman Raul Labrador is among the leaders of the effort, and his stamp of approval is vital to the success of the effort. No details yet, but Homeland Security Chair Mike McCaul led his committee to release details of border security metrics that will be crucial to evaluating border security legislation.

The situation in the Senate is confused, with the Judiciary Committee’s hearings not really the key except in a negative way.  If the same sex provisions proposed by Vermont’s Patrick Leahy become part of the bill, the bill will die.  Beyond that, everyone is waiting for amendments supported by Senator Rubio to strengthen southern border security and entry/exit screening.

The scandals will continue to absorb most of the attention of the MSM and of conservative forums and talk radio, but immigration reform remains certain to dominate the summer months.



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