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McCain’s Moment: “Change Is Coming”

Thursday, September 4, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

“I am not in the habit of breaking my promises to my country, and neither is Governor Palin.”

In a strong speech that crescendoed to a stirring close, Senator McCain laid out a classically conservative series of policy objectives, with a large emphasis on education reform –a very smart priority for the fall campaign. And his pledge to shake the spending culture of Washington to its roots is as sincere as it is overdue.

McCain’s rhetorical stride, always steady from his gracious-to-Obama beginning through his response to scattered hecklers –“Please don’t be diverted by the ground noise and the static”– gained momentum when he turned to energy and then beyond that to the war,

“We must see the threats to liberty clearly,” was the point at which McCain began to leave Obama in the rear view mirror. The more he talked –about al Qaeda and Iran, about “the brave people of Georgia”–the more his thorough seriousness about the job ahead contrasted most sharply with the absurdity of Obama’s claim to be prepared for the presidency and the job of Commander-in-Chief.”

“I am not afraid of them,” he said of the world’s thugs. “I am prepared for them.”

“I know how the world works, the good and evil in it,” he declared.
“I know how to secure the peace.”

Early on, McCain announced: “But let there be no doubt, my friends, we are going to win this election.”

The contrast between McCain and Obama is so sharp, the vast gulf between the former’s sacrifice, service and experience and the latter’s extravagant sense of self so wide, that there is every reason to believe McCain.

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