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McCain’s Evangelical Base

Monday, June 9, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Robert Novak’s column today argues again that John McCain has to worry about his evangelical base. While it is true that the Arizona senator would be much better off with Dr. Dobson behind them than on the sidelines, it is also true that the best thing that could have happened for John McCain’s outreach to evangelicals has happened –the Democrats have settled on their most radical nominee in their history, and no evangelical who cares about abortion or same sex marriage or porn or religious freedom can be indifferent to the result of the fall vote.

Senator Obama’s expressed admiration for Justice Ginsburg contrasts sharply with the admiration Senator McCain has expressed for Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito. With six justices aged 68 or older, the stakes for the future of the Supreme Court could not be higher. Evangelicals might have preferred a different Republican nominee and Senator Mccain would be well served by a running mate with solid conservative credentials, but only MSMers scornful of the intelligence and judgment of evangelicals will conclude that more than a handful will sit out the election because they didn’t get their first choice as the nominee.

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