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McCain-Palin Playing To Win In PA

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Does last week’s volatility in the financial markets foreshadow next week’s volatility in the political markets? Gambling on subprime loans led the nation and the world to last week’s financial destruction. Will the prospect of an enormous gamble on an unknown and untested, hard left Chicago-machine pol with an Ayers-Rezko-Wright-ACORN resume and backed by a Pelosi-Reid Congress trigger a massive sell-off in Obama futures? reports on the battle for Pennsylvania.
McCain-Palin is focused on the Keystone State as the battleground in the final three weeks, and on a growth agenda that will contrast with the “shared misery” of Obama-Pelsoi-Reid.

The financial panic helped Obama establish a lead and he and Joe Biden are doing everything they can to project inevitability (and getting a lot of help from their MSM friends in doing so, right down to the “hate-speech-at-McCain-rallies” stories).

But as the shock of market losses wears off, the American public is asking how to repair the damage, and they know from example after example that the statist model being proposed by Obama-Pelosi-Reid not only doesn’t work, it deepens all economic woes. The Dems anti-trade stand and their addiction to non-strategic spending guarantees at best a very weak return to growth. The massive tax hikes promised by Obama will kill any prospect of vigorous growth for the foreseeable future.

Every vote for every Dem is a vote for a prolonged recession and ruinous fiscal and trade policies. Last week’s stampede in the markets created a stampede in the polling as well, but three weeks is a very long time for people to consider their economic and security futures, and all the battleground states are either tied or low single digit leads for Obama.

Here’s where McCain’s relentlessness and experience of last year and the early primaries pays off. He knows –and Obama’s team knows– that this is an environment in which a massive shift can occur. The message is two fold: Voters can’t trust Obama, and they need Reaganesque policies.

We can skip the Carter years 2.0. We don’t have to have four years of failed experiments in redistributing wealth and sharing out pain that ends up with everyone poorer, much more unemployment, and a terribly weakened national defense.

McCain-Palin are stumping in the land of the bitter, gun-clinging God loving Steeler and Eagles fans. It will be wonderful irony if the people Obama insulted at a cocktail party in San Francisco turn out to be the ones who kept their heads and turned the tide for John McCain.


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