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McCain Hearts CAFE

Wednesday, January 9, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

From the Wall Street Journal on October 9 of last year:

Arizona Sen. John McCain didn’t expect an enthusiastic response this morning when he touted the need for higher fuel standards to the Detroit Economic Club. No surprise, the crowd didn’t exactly embrace the idea.

Asked how raising Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards was “different than raising taxes,” McCain acknowledged he didn’t think his proposal would be very popular. “I know, I said it’s a tough issue. CAFE standards have to be improved. There’s too much pollution in the environment, there’s too much dependency on foreign oil and we’re going to have to take a number of steps,” McCain told the crowd.

He finished his answer to dead silence.

“I noticed no applause,” McCain deadpanned, which drew a few laughs and some clapping from the crowd.

The question is whether voters in Michigan generally care that Senator McCain is CAFE-happy.

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