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McCain Campaign On The Rocks

Thursday, January 25, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

An e-mail, representative of many, reacting to the news of John McCain’s decision to join the Warner-Biden forces seeking some sort of resolution critical of the president’s plan, rather than fight those efforts with every procedural rule available to him:


Here is what I sent to McCain-
“Senator; I am presently considering which Republican I will support in the upcoming Presidential race. I trully have wanted to support you for many years, but your current lack of support for VICTORY in Iraq has created great doubt in my mind. My son-in-law will soon be proudly returning to Iraq and anything short of total commitment to VICTORY by every politician will greatly increase the likelyhood of my son being wounded or killed. Please cut off your cooperation with Dems and support my son, his comrades, and the millions of Iraqis who long for peace and security by totally supporting VICTORY.”
Phil S.
Senator McCain defended the need for a Senate filibuster when he crafted the Gang of 14 deal. Now he can use that weapon, and he drops it:
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