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Maybe It’s Not Any Good?

Tuesday, May 16, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The DaVinci Code isn’t getting the ordinary roll-out of early screenings:

The Da Vinci Code will make its debut at the Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday night. Critics and other journalists will first see the movie on Tuesday night, barely allowing them time to write their articles for the Wednesday premiere and Friday opening in theaters around the world.

Even theater owners, who by law must be allowed to see a film before formally booking it for their movie houses, saw the film ‘” running two hours and 29 minutes ‘” only Friday, which by exhibition standards is as last minute as it gets.

The strategy, studio representatives say, is to preserve a climate of mystery and excitement around the movie, despite the fact that anyone who is interested probably already knows the plot….

Instead, the film was shown on the Sony lot, with strict security, to close friends and family of the filmmakers, said Michael Rosenberg, the president of Imagine. Their comments were used in place of more scientific feedback, he said.

The concerns, said executives involved with the picture, were that information about the film could start a nit-picking debate over the filmmaker’s choices in adapting the book, rather than focus on the movie overall, or that it might fuel religious opposition to the film.

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