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Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney on John Kerry’s slander of the military.

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HH: Joined now by the Governor of Massachusetts, Governor Mitt Romney. Welcome back, Governor. It’s a short segment, but I wanted to get your reaction to John Kerry’s performance over the last 48 hours, and the statement that he issued late today.

MR: Well, I think you have to say it was a breathtaking couple of days for people around the country to have someone who ran for President say something that was so disparaging of our troops, and then take two days before he could come up with an apology. And the apology is mostly an attack apology, attacking people who didn’t understand the plain English of his words which they did understand. I’m a little surprised, but you know, people make mistakes, but you measure the character of a person why whether they admit them and move on. And it took him a long time to do that.

HH: What have you been hearing from both people in Massachusetts, around the country, and especially active duty military, Mitt Romney?

MR: Well, I had the chance to meet with our military in Iraq and Afghanistan. These are extraordinary people of intelligence and capability. Our National Guard, for instance, come from professions and fabulous jobs in our Commonwealth. Our active duty men and women are highly trained and highly educated. The whole indication that somehow our troops are less than our nation is just wrong, and it underscores that old theme that John Edwards, who was of course John Kerry’s running mate, used to talk about there being two Americas. There are not two Americas. There’s one America. This is a land of opportunity, and I think John Kerry made a big mistake. And he says he didn’t mean it. Well, then apologize for it directly. Don’t attack those people who were upset by it.

HH: Now Governor Romney, you’ve been out on the campaign trail a lot. You’re the chairman of the National Governor’s Association. You’ve been helping governors, especially. With about 120 hours to go, what’s your sense of this election?

MR: Well, there’s no question but that it’s still up in the air. And the party that’s going to win these Congressional seats will be the party that turns out the voters. If people go out and vote in the Republican ranks, the Republicans win. Vice versa if the Democrats go out and vote. So it’s going to come down to some real close races. I can’t possibly predict who’s going to win the House, who’s going to win the Senate. I think we keep both of them, myself, because I think Republicans feel a real honor and a duty to exercise their democratic right.

HH: Last question, Governor Romney. As those volunteers sit in front of the screens, and walk…do you think they’re going to be talking about John Kerry over the next 72-96 hours?

MR: Well, I think that’s the buzz. I think everybody in Washington, on the Democratic side, was saying what in the world did he do? And I think he’s dealt a real blow, unintended, but a real blow to his own party.

HH: I think you’re right. Governor Romney, thanks for the drop by. I appreciate it, even though it’s a very short segment.

End of interview.


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